Saturday, June 30, 2012

Healer or Devil's dealer?

There are activities and parts of human life which are associated with the devil (the irony is that usually these are the things that make us human), small vices like gluttony, or activities like art, music, culture, curiosity for knowledge, in other words the small things that make life worth living. This considered the comment that a true poet is of the devil's party. But medicine and doctors are usually not on that list od lovelly vices but according to Titian they are.
According to Titian daemons use medicine to deceive us and veil the true origin of illness. They [daemons] make people become ill, and when the doctor starts working on the patient the daemons leave his body. Thus making people believe that the doctors magic is responsible for the cure. In other words the best doctor is the closest to daemons.

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