Friday, August 17, 2012

Counting Churches

I have a thing for churches (this sounds like an entrance sentence at an AA meeting according to sitcoms) so it is no surprise that my version of the popular car game 'I spy with my little eye...' is 'cpot the church' or 'who pots more churches'  after playing this game for a while I came to two realisations:
1) Britain is littered with churches they are everywhere.
2) If I was taking a picture every time I spotted a church I would have a a small yet diverse archive of churches.
So I decided to take the game digital and created a blog that has no text just bad-quality-taken-on-the-phone pictures of churches. The contributors so far are me and Adrian  as we compete for the amount of churches seen, so far I am winning but mostly because he works full time. However I will appreciate any photos of churches being send in with a brief note to their location and possibly name. Thank you. 

p.s. you can send the image of a church to